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144 [Life Science] Tanaka Team

A. Sakiyama, Y. Tanaka, T. Tanaka, and A. Ortega,”Eigendecomposition-free sampling set selection for graph signals,” IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, 2019 67.10.2679-2692

143 [Energy] Tominaga Team

S. Wei, Z. Li, K. Kimura, S. Inoue, Y. Tominaga, L. Pandini, D. Di Lecce, J. Hassoun, Glyme-based electrolytes for lithium metal batteries using insertion electrodes: an electrochemical study. Electrochimica Acta (Electrochim. Acta) 306.85-95

142 [Energy] Tominaga Team

Z. Li, J. Mindemark, D. Brandell, Y. Tominaga, A concentrated poly(ethylene carbonate)/poly(trimethylene carbonate) blend electrolyte for all-solid-state Li battery. Polymer Journal (Polym. J.)51.8.753-760 (10.1038/s41428-019-0184-5).

141 [Energy] Tominaga Team

N. A. Ramlee, Y. Tominaga, Structural and physicochemical properties of melt-quenched poly(ethylene carbonate)/poly(lactic acid) blends. Polymer Degradation and Stability (Polym. Deg. Stab.), 163, 35-42 (2019).

140 [Energy] Tominaga Team

D. Kuo, B. Soberats, M. Yoshio, K. R. S. Kumar, T. Ichikawa, H. Ohno, X. Zeng, G. Ungar, T. Kato, Switching of ionic conductivities in columnar liquid-crystalline anilinium salts: effects of alkyl chains, ammonium cations and counter anions on thermal properties and switching temperatures . Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (Mol. Syst. Des. Eng.) (DOI: 10.1039/C8ME00099A) 4.2.342-347

139 [Energy] Tominaga Team

N. A. Ramlee, Y. Tominaga, Mechanical and biodegradable properties in alkaline solution of poly(ethylene carbonate)/poly(lactic acid) blends. Polymer. 166, 44-49 (2019).

138 Interdisciplinary Fields

Okita, N., Iwama, E., Takami, Y., Abo, S., Reid, M. T. H., Naoi, W., Naoi, K., Crystal-structure-matched FePO4 surface-coating on LiCoPO4 / MWCNT nanocomposites for long lifecycle 5V class lithium ion batteries.(Electrochemistry).87.3.156-161.2019/01.

137 Interdisciplinary Fields

Okita, N., Iwama, E., Tatsumi, S., Vo, T. N. H., Naoi, W., Reid, M. T. H., Naoi, K., Prolonged Cycle Life for Li4Ti5O12//[Li3V2(PO4)3/ Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes] Full Cell Configuration via Electrochemical Preconditioning.(Electrochemistry). 87.3.148-155.2019/01.

136 [Energy] Ogasawara Team

Raksincharoensak, P., Sato, D. and Lidberg, M., Direct Yaw Moment Control for Enhancing Handling Quality of Light-Weight Electric Vehicles with Large Load to Curb Weight Ratio, Applied Sciences: Mechanical Engineering, Vol.9, Issue 5, No.1151, pp.1-27, 2019.

135 Energy Group

Yoshida, K., Yamanobe, S., Konishi, K., Takashima, S., Edo, M., Monemar, B., Kumagai, Y. Dependence of thermal stability of GaN on substrate orientation and off-cut. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.). 58.C

134 Energy Group

Kashiyama, Y., Yokoyama, A., Shiratori, T., Hess, S., Not, F., Bachy, C., Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, A., Wang, M., Chen, N., Gong, Y., Seto, K., Kagami, M., Hamamoto, Y., Honda, D., Umetani, T., Shihongi, A., Kayama, N., Matsuda, T., Taira, J., Yabuki, A., Tsuchiya, M., Hirakawa, T., Kawaguchi, A., Nomura, M., Nakamura, A., Namba, N., Matsumoto, T., Tanaka, T., Yoshino, T., Higuchi, R., Yamamoto, A., Maruyama, T., Yamaguchi, A., Uzuka, A., Miyagisima, S.. Kawahara, J., Suzaki, T., Nakazawa, M., Ishikawa, T., Maruyama, M., Tanifuji, G., Kawachi, M., Kinoshita, Y., Tamiaki, H. Taming chlorophylls by early eukaryotes underpinned algal interactions and the diversification of the eukaryotes on the oxygenated Earth. ISME J., 2019. 13.8.1899-1910

133 Energy Group

Takeda, K., Umezawa, K., Varnai, A., Eijsink, GH V., Igarashi, K., Yoshida, M., Nakamura, N., Fungal PQQ-dependent dehydrogenases and their potential in biocatalysis, (Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol.), 49: 113-121, 2019.

132 [Food] Koike Team

Ohsugi S, Trentin EB, Koike S. Impact of wild boars on the feeding behaviors of smaller frugivorous mammals. Mammalian Biology.97.22-27

131 [Food] Koike Team

Yama H, Evans M, Iida T, Soga M, Koike S. The morphological changes of moths on Nakajima Island, Hokkaido, Japan. Environmental Entomology 48.2.291-298

130 [Food] Umezawa Team

Wares, M.A., Tobita, N., Kawauchi, S., Sato, S. and Nishidate, I. Noninvasive evaluation of hemodynamics and light scattering property during two-stage mouse cutaneous carcinogenesis based on multispectral diffuse reflectance Images at Isosbestic Wavelengths of Hemoglobin,” Journal of Biomedical Optics (J. Biomed. Opt.) 24(3), 031020, 2019.

129 [Food] Umezawa Team

Shinozawa, A., Otake, R., Takezawa, D., Umezawa, T., Komatsu, K., Tanakam K., Amagai, A., Ishikawa, S., Hara, Y., Kamisugi, Y., Cuming, A.C., Hori, K., Ohta, H., Takahashi, F., Shinozaki, K., Hayashi, T., Taji, T. and Sakata, Y. SnRK2 protein kinases represent an ancient system in plants for adaptation to a terrestrial environment. Communications Biology (Commun. Biol.) 2: 30, 2019

128 [Food] Gomi Team

Kassaye KT, Boulange J, Saito H, Watanabe H. Calibration of capacitance sensor for Andosol under field and laboratory conditions in the temperate monsoon climate, Soil and Tillage Research 189: 52-63, 2019

127 [Food] Gomi Team

Miyata S, Gomi T, Sidle RC, Hiraoka M, Onda Y, Yamamoto K, Nonoda T. Assessing spatially distributed infiltration capacity to evaluate storm runoff in forested catchments: Implications for hydrological connectivity. Science of The Total Environment 669(15): 148-159, 2019

126 Food Group

Horikawa, Y., Hirano, S., Mihashi, A., Kobayashi, Y., Zhai, S., Sugiyama, J. Prediction of lignin contents from infrared spectroscopy: chemical digestion and lignin/biomass ratios of Cryptomeria japonica. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Appl. Biochem. Biotech.). 188.4.1066-1076

125 [Life Science] Ogino Team

P. Nurlilasari, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, F. Faizal, M. Wada, I. W. Lenggoro, High-throughput production of magnetite nanoparticles prepared by the monopolar arrangement of iron electrodes in water, Chemical Engineering Science (Chem. Eng. Sci.), 201: 112-120 (2019)


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