Institute of Global Innovation Research



Institute of Global Innovation Research



Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology’s Capability Enhancement Program
– Establishing Strategic Research Teams with the World’s Leading Researchers –

TUAT was selected by the Japanese government as one of the 12 national universities rapidly promoting global research in 2014. In exploiting our advantages in the agriculture and engineering fields, and as an initiative to enhance our research capabilities, we established the Global Innovation Research Organization in June 2014 to further our goals as a research university. In 2016, it was reorganized as the Institute of Global Innovation Research (GIR), a new research institution at the graduate school.

At the GIR, we prioritize research in three key areas: "food," "energy," and "life science" which constitute an interdisciplinary area between agriculture and engineering fields. With the aim of creating advanced innovative results for themes with a high social demand in the key areas, the GIR has formed strategic research teams which allow us to conduct cutting-edge research. In 2018, to further strengthen the cutting-edge research, the GIR has formed a field group in three key areas and Strategic Research Initiative for Interdisciplinary Fields consisting of researchers with 3 years of experience on strategic research teams. In addition, Chairs of each three key areas and Chair of Strategic Research Initiative have newly joined the GIR Management Committee to strengthen the management structure.

Strategic research teams, groups and a strategic research initiative welcome the world’s leading researchers as core professors for each area and build a system so that TUAT researchers and graduate students can conduct collaborative research. In addition, by strengthening the potential to support outstanding professors, especially among young researchers who actively engage in cutting-edge research, we aim to develop the global and innovative human resources in science who have broad vision in both scientific techniques and management skills, among others, as well as global perspective. These human resources are expected to take a central role in bringing research results to practical use and to boost the number of international joint research efforts and internationally co-authored papers.
We believe that our mission to solve global issues on food and energy, performed by the world’s leading researchers, will lead to the globalization of our education and research system, which in turn, will make further contributions to fortify the university’s potential and to build the foundation for the university system reform.


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