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Institute of Global Innovation Research


Message from Head of the GIR

Hidehiro KAMIYA

TUAT is promoting the globalization of our cutting-edge educational research in the respective interdisciplinary fields of Agriculture and Engineering. In 2016, to strengthen our role to “achieve competitive research capabilities on a global level”, TUAT reorganized the Global Innovation Research Organization into the Institute of Global Innovation Research (GIR), including two organizations: the "Women’s Future Development Organization" and the "Organization for Promotion of Tenure-track System". We facilitate international collaborative research in the three priority areas of “Food”, “Energy” and “Life Science” and endeavor to enhance the further globalization of younger researchers. We invite the world’s leading researchers from abroad for each area as core members and build a system so that TUAT researchers and graduate students can conduct collaborative research which will boost the number of internationally co-authored papers and enhance to foster global-innovative human resources.

In April 2018, the GIR formed field groups in each three key areas and Strategic Research Initiative for Interdisciplinary Fields consisting of researchers who have three years of experience in strategic research teams. Furthermore, we offer assistant professor positions from April next year to the students finishing their doctoral degrees at the end of this year. We give the selected ones the opportunity to study abroad this year so that they can start their international collaborative research before they start working as assistant professors.

We will make further contributions to fortify the university’s potential and to build the foundation for the university system reform.

We appreciate your cooperation and support in domestic and foreign affairs, as well as inside and outside the university.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, GIR Dean
Hidehiro KAMIYA


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