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Online Seminar【GIR Open Seminar】 Dr. Tsung‐Shing Andrew Wang / National Taiwan University (Taiwan)

Date 2021.1.19 (10 : 30 - 12:00)
Venue Zoom
Speaker / Topic ※On-line Seminar via Zoom and Google Classroom.
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◆Dr. Tsung-Shing Wang (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
 "Using Click Chemistry to Design Functional Conjugates for Biological Applications"

 Click reactions are versatile and efficient methods to connect two molecules together. Impressively, click reactions can be performed in aqueous conditions and often tolerate the presence of unprotected functional groups, therefore expanding their capacity into biological systems. In this lecture, we will introduce fundamental chemical principles and survey some common click reactions. Furthermore, we will discuss specific click reactions, copper(I)‐ catalyzed azide‐alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) and strain‐promoted azide‐alkyne cyclo‐ ddition (SPAAC), and their biological applications in our laboratory, including bacterial targeting and metabolite labeling and enrichment.
 In bacterial targeting, by using both synthetic and chemoenzymatic methods, we are able to obtain siderophore analogues equipped with various clickable linkers for further applications. We then prepare conjugate fluorophores by click chemistry and examine their utility as selective bacterial detecting agents to target pathogenic Gram‐negative acteria, Vibrios and Staphylococci.
 In metabolite labeling and enrichment, we have developed native and deuterated chemoselective labeling probes to target phenol‐containing glycopeptides by the ene‐type labeling. The azido‐linker was introduced into our probes for further functionalization through click chemistry. Biotin was clicked on labeled‐substrates to facilitate the enrichment or following LC‐MS and MSn analysis. As a demonstration, a vancomycin‐related phenol‐containing glycopeptide was characterized by our labeling strategy, showing its otential in glycopeptide discovery.
Language English
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