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Online Seminar【GIR Open Seminar】 Dr. Manoranjan Mishra / Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (India) “Control dynamics of miscible viscous fingering”

Date 2020.3.18 (15 : 00 - 16:00)
Venue Lecture Hall Building for the Faculty of Engineering Koganei Campus, TUAT
Speaker / Topic ※On-line Seminar by Zoom and Google Classroom.
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◆Dr. Manoranjan Mishra (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, INDIA)

"Control dynamics of miscible viscous fingering"

Viscous fingering (VF) is one of hydrodynamic instabilities, which is observable while displacing a less-mobile fluid by another more-mobile fluid through porous media, and it is ubiquitous to the transport phenomena in several porous media flows application. Moreover, instabilities at the interface of two distinct fluids remain a major challenge for enhanced oil recovery processes such as polymer flooding, On the other hand, this instability is likely to be detrimental to the separation efficiency in chromatographic separation process and can improve mixing in non-turbulent systems and micro-fluidic devices. The fact that depending on the application either a stable or an unstable interface is desirable makes the ability to control interfacial fingering instabilities. essential in design and technology. Such control mechanism of instabilities in fluid–fluid systems can be achieved by manipulating the various physio-chemical properties of the underlying fluids as well as the porous medium. This talk will be based upon the following three aspect, the possibilities of the liquid adsorption on the porous medium, the competition between advection and diffusion, as well as the chemical reaction, to control the VF.
Language English
Intended for For involved faculties only. Online distribution by Google Classroom later.
Co-Organized by Institute of Global Innovation “Life Science” Tagawa Team
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